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[TUTORIAL] Hacking Flash Games With Actionscript

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[TUTORIAL] Hacking Flash Games With Actionscript

Post by mezzo on Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:18 am

Hello guys, this is currently my first tutorial contributed to these forums so please dont take inappropriate action to this tutorial.

Official Things Needed -

Macromedia Flash 8 - These forums are not for warez and I will not post an full version of this coding program. Sadly, 30 days till expiration.

An Good Mind - Dull mind's may get really confused due to listening to such words never heard before in there lives.

SWF Decryption Software - This is very important for knowing the variables of flash - based games.

SWF Loader - Without this, you cannot load the SWF to hack and load the flash game

The Game's SWF - This is needed to capture the variables for hacking.

Now we've got everything we need so lets start on coding, and hacking, and loading the hack into the game.

Step 1
First, open up Macromedia Flash 8 and open up an new "Flash Document".
Step 2
You should have an nice, blank document ready for editing and coding.
Step 3
Press Ctrl+F7 and you'll see an "Components List". Choose the component "Button" in other words, Click + Drag the component to the blank document.
Step 4
"Click" on the button and below you should see an "Action" tab. Now, its time to code the button to make it release the code when clicked, to the game for exploitation.

- Example Of Code Used -

[code] on (release) <-- When the button is clicked.
{ <-- Important variable.
[ENTER VARIABLE FOUND IN GAME] <-- Enter it exactly the same but change _root to _level0.
} <-- Important variable.

Now, this is just an basic script you can "code" into your Flash Button.

Step 5
Now, you should test the script to see if there is any errors by Ctrl+Enter.
If everything is alright, lets move on. If not, try see if you accidently did something wrong.

Step 6
Load your game SWF into the SWF loader first, then load your "Hacked" SWF into the loader, then click the button and the exploitation is released into the game's code.


I hope this tutorial has helped you alot and will increase your current hacking experience. Doing much more complicated hacks will be harder, you can find tutorials in Google and release your hard - coded hacks.

- Have Fun again lol =P

Note, If your experienced in Visual Basic, You can code your trainers, add SWF's to the Form, and load the "Hacked" SWF by an simple button made into your trainer.

- WhiteHat -

Sir Hacks Alot
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